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Supporting Gaming in Eugene, OR

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Waaagh da Orks!

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UPDATE 11/30/2012: The forums are being upgraded to a newer version of Smart Machines Forums. Sorry for any inconvenience. - Chapel

Hi, welcome to Da Mek Shop. This site is dedicated to the gamers of Eugene/Springfield,Oregon. I primarily play Games Workshopís Warhammer 40k, but play Flames of War and a few other games. I mostly play Tyranids, but have a special place on the table for green skins.

Please visit the forums and say hi. There is a section for just about any type of game you can think of. If you have a group that plays a game that isnít on there just let me know and I will create a section for you.

There is also an events section on the forum for local tournaments, leagues, and campaigns.

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