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The Inquisition War Is Coming, Have you the Faith to Survive?

Author Topic: FoW 4ed: Review  (Read 120 times)


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FoW 4ed: Review
« on: April 20, 2017, 08:04:01 PM »

Ive now got two games in and I'm finding that FoW is a different game now. The rules are not horribly different from before, but there are some subtle and significant changes that make the game play faster paced and demand you pay far more attention to list building.

Movement is certainly different with altered movement rates across the board. Tanks are somewhat slower, but terrain has less impact. Infantry got faster and I was shocked last night to find a Strelkovoy battalion on my objective on turn 2. They move 8" now and can follow ith move orders games ning another 4" if they give up shooting. They covered the nome mans land in no time.

Dash is a new move that you would recognize as At the Double... But no longer with the double incoming shooting dice. Movement orders have replaced a lot of special rules, like gapping obstacles or Avante... Now everyone can do it. Germans still have Blitz allowing them 2 move orders. All this adds up to a lot more movement and faster arrival rates.

You have to be ready for this. You can no longer build lists full of support.  Fore one support doesn't count for company moral checks any more. Second, mortars, HMGs and little AT guns matter. Reserve rules now make you hold percentages of points rather than numbers of units. Recall players who front loaded infantry lists with tanks? They cannot do it any more, they will find they cannot get enough units on the table if they do. When you play a 1500 point game only 900 starts on the table, the rest is in reserve. Those small weapon plt become ultra important and keeping you from getting over run. A player with some recon could be taking your objective turn 1 if you don't pay attention to this and still go heavy on high point units.

Last night I didn't have the points to put my HMGs (135) on with my two grenadier plts (520) because I could only put on 600 points. Almost cost me the game turn 2 because I couldn't put down fire. Its going to be a different flavor of FoW. The game is going to concentrate on the company a lot more than it used to. It also got rid of a lot of list building schinanigans that used to get manipulated.

I look forward to more games in the future and I hope anyone on the fence about playing uses the new edition as an opportunity. And as always I have all the books and models for anyone to play.
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Re: FoW 4ed: Review
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 06:39:53 PM »

As Jame's opponent for the two games in V4, I agree with what James stated.    One other change is how you charge into contact in an assualt.   Teams that can't contact an enemy, or contact a friendly in contact with the enemy are non-assaulting teams, and they are left out for the duration, where before as long as you passed counter attack rolls, you could continue to move stands into the fray.  Makes a difference with large infantry units.