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Author Topic: Way better Dark Angels upgrade sprue  (Read 42 times)


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Way better Dark Angels upgrade sprue
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:35:16 PM »

So I have a way better Dark Angels upgrade sprue (only the Emperor understands exactly how the Raven Guard are coming across so much Dark Angels gear) that comes from the Dark Angels Battleforce of days past.  It is full sprue sized and includes bits for bikes, infantry, a dreadnought sarcophagus cover, and other Dark Angel flavored knick knacks. 

I'm currently looking for the stormhawk sprue from the stormtalon/hawk box because I'm an idiot and would nearly hurt myself throwing this at you in exchange for it.  I am open to any trade or buy offers though.  It apparently has the parts necessary to make Sammael on Sableclaw from a basic landspeeder, his personal ride with twin assault cannons and twin heavy bolters.  You Ravenwing sorts should get excited.  I would be willing to do a deal for the land speeder that came with the sprue (fair warning it does not have the same compliment of weapons as a standard land speeder.  It has a passenger heavy bolter or multi-melta and there are Typhoon missiles on the Dark angel sprue as well as the twin assault cannon assembly and the twin heavy bolter) for a vanilla speeder with maybe a splash of pot sweetening.
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Re: Way better Dark Angels upgrade sprue
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2018, 04:00:54 AM »

you have the "ravenwing accessory sprue". Shame I just got two!